Wildlife slaughtered on my street.


10:27pm Tuesday night.

I can’t believe it.

Yet another cretin – this time in a dark 4WD ute – chasing the roos tonight.

As soon as I saw the roos scattering, I knew. Looked out the window and there he was. Ran outside with the torch but he drove away – not enough time to set up the floodlights and couldn’t get the plate number.


I really wish I had proper infra-red cameras so that I could report the bastard. I can’t believe it happens the night after the news reports.

We’re bringing everything in tonight – even if I seem to be getting chest cold.

Not happy.


I just had a long chat with a video surveillance expert who saw me on the TV news. He stated that my proposed system is inadequate for the task – that the pictures will be too blurry to useful to the police. I understand that he was probably just trying to sell me another (much more expensive) setup but I admit very little experience in this area. Any comments, ideas, suggestions regarding the idea of a $1300 setup v the $5000 setup suggested by the other guy would be welcomed.


Roos on Australia Day

We live in a bushland area, right next to the Churchill National Park. We see kangaroos at dusk and dawn every day and sometimes we see over a hundred of them on the empty blocks around us. It is truly a privilege to see these beautiful native animals so close around our home. We even had an echidna take up residence in our patio for a while. Despite our dogs objections, we didn’t disturb it and it stayed for a week or more before eventually ambling off.

Our spiky guest.

Our spiky guest.

Earlier tonight, at about 11 pm, we had yet more idiots hooning around the empty block next to us, chasing the kangaroos with their 4WDs. There were two vehicles and they were screaming and yelling out the windows as they sped after the poor terrified animals. Sadly, this happens far too often often. I did what I usually do; I went outside with my brightest torch and shone it at the cabins of the 4WDs. The two hooned around a bit more, then stopped. They screamed abuse at me without leaving their vehicles, then finally drove off down the street.

As I said, this happens all the time but things took a much darker tone about an hour later. My family had gone to bed but I was awoken around midnight by the sound of loud voices and a hammering kind of noise. Naturally, I went outside to investigate. In the street lamp at the bottom of my driveway, I saw a group of males gathered around a twitching kangaroo. They were standing in the headlights of a very large, white 4WD. I don’t know what brand but it was bigger than the usual 4WD. The unfortunate kangaroo was upside down, its legs splayed wide and one of the men was hacking away at it with a very large knife. The other males were talking excitedly and watching the spectacle. Another group was on the grass and I could hear a hammering sound coming from them.

I immediately went back inside and called the police. I feel bad that I didn’t sneak down the drive and maybe get a number plate but I’m not a small man and anyway, it never occurred to me at the time. While I was on the phone, explaining the situation to the dispatcher, they left, but not until they had driven a short way up my driveway, shining their full high beams directly at my front door. This frightened me and I wondered if they were the same crew as I had chased off earlier with my flash light.

I walked down to survey the carnage. Both had had their throats widely slashed. Both kangaroos had been gutted and their entrails were spilling all over the ground. One of them had even had one of its legs hacked off. I tried to find the leg in the dark but couldn’t. One of the kangaroos was female. I discovered this while I was looking for the leg. In the gutter, I found the dead body of a tiny, yet-to-be-born baby joey. It must have been alive when they killed its mother because they decapitated that as well before discarding it on the road..

After about ten minutes the police arrived. Because I had been useless as a witness, they took some pictures and some notes, asked a few questions, and then left. They were not dismissive – in fact they were very sympathetic of the poor kangaroos and of me having to see such depravity happening literally on my front doorstep. One of the officers asked me if I had CCTV cameras that may have captured the license plate. I said I couldn’t afford such a thing but that would have been handy.

Afterwards, I tried to get to sleep but was too disturbed by what I had seen. Thinking on what the officers had said, I wished I had installed some CCTV cameras and I wouldn’t have felt so useless to the police. While lying there, tears in my eyes, I had an idea so I got out of the bed, got my camera, walked back down my driveway  and then took the pictures in this article. I did so with deliberate intent. I want to put up some poles inside my property line and install remote CCTV cameras. That way, the next time some low-lifes decide to terrify and harass the kangaroos in our street, I can get footage to give to the police. And, if such a dreadful butchery should happen again, I will have clear footage to place on youtube and show the world the carnage I witnessed tonight.

i am physically sickened by what I saw tonight. I would install the cameras myself but my family live on my disability pension and such luxuries are way outside of our price range. I love animals and am still shaking as I type, horrified by the blatant and evil cruelty visited upon those poor animals. Please help me protect these wonderful creatures and perhaps stop such a horrible incident from happening again. I can’t do it on my own. Please help.

The link to my fundraising site is here: Please help!

The pictures below are sickening. You have been warned.

The spot where one of the roos had its leg hacked off and its embryo removed.

The spot where one of the roos had its leg hacked off and its embryo removed.


The roos were dragged off the road. There is still blood and gore everywhere.




The carnage. Two slaughtered wild animals. Butchered.

The carnage. Two slaughtered wild animals. Butchered.



The first roo. I think this is the female and that the womb can be seen along with its entrails.



Another view of the same corpse. They chopped its ears off as well. Who does that kind of thing?



This poor animal was dismembered while alive. Its guts were pulled out and one of its hind legs chopped off.



The animal’s throat was obviously slashed wide open.


The embryonic joey

The embryonic joey. The fact that it is clearly decapitated leads me to think it was alive when its mother was killed and this was done as an afterthought.



The inhumane evil people sped off into the night, doing a burn-out as they went, leaving senseless death and destruction in their wake.

E dit:

Channel Seven Interview aired on Monday March 28.

More extensive Channel Nine interview aired on Monday March 28.

Only one of the media outlets has posted a link to the fundraising site. Looks like I didn’t get the media to work for me – just garnered unwanted attention from the thugs that knocked over our bins and emptied them all over the street last night. Bastards.


7 thoughts on “Wildlife slaughtered on my street.

  1. Fucktards. Thanks for sharing this Robert. More people need to learn that there is a sad element of society that thinks this is okay.

  2. Hi Robert,

    It’s Georgia from the Cranbourne News.

    I’d love to chat with you about this horrendous incident.

    I can be contacted on 5945 0612.


  4. They deserve the same pain they have caused to the poor animals.
    How can people be so sick.

  5. Where is the police at with this case? Are they aware the criminal came back? Did you speak to Georgia from Crambourne News? I think this should go global. The world needs to know what happened!

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